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To survive in this rapidly changing world, an adequate IT support is a must for businesses and individuals to be accessible worldwide. For over 12 years PCFix has strived to be a successful, trusted IT support in a rapidly changing technology age. Our passion is connecting people and devices, friends and family, and businesses of all sizes.

With the best IT software practices, PCFix strives to help with on-site and remote support IT. Fast and proficient service, as well as understanding the individual or business issues to provide IT support not only on-site but also in the long-term cooperation is always the main goal for us. PCFix provides high quality IT support to customers in and around Luxembourg.

The aim of this company is to provide IT support that not only meets the expectations of the customers but also leaves the customer with a smile on their face.

The main goal is to help you! Let's find out together what we need to get the best result and for you to be satisfied with the service.

Our Subscriptions

With a monthly subscription, you know that help is always just a click away!

Why you need a subscription

Convenience is a Key

Only Quality Support

Exact Knowledge of Your Expenses

Easy Access

Save Your Money

Integrated anti-virus solution

Continuous Maintenance

No More IT Problems From Now On

Your personal remote IT Support

Now you are sorted!

Your device gets full support without waiting for someone to show up at your house

When your device has an issue, just call and your IT issues will be solved remotely

With the right subscription your device will be audited on a monthly basis to reduce the risk of hardware failures and software problems

You can get preventative support with monthly checks for viruses, malware, driver issues and updates

With our help backups for your files can be monitored and receive monthly checks as well!

Benefit from an integrated ant-virus solution including remote monitoring.

PCFix Recommends

If you don't backup your important files and photos, give us a call to see if you should

Stop worrying about your IT and cover your whole family's devices with a full support from us

Choose a package and get discounts on home visits and save money

Quick and trustworthy

Your IT in safe hands

Protect your computer and the information on it!
Fast and proficient service, as well as understanding your IT needsor IT problems to provide quick solutions not only on-site, but also through remote control. PCFix offers high quality IT support for customers with an easy subscription package in and around Luxembourg:

On-site repair and IT solution finding

With only one quick phone call, PC-Fix will provide you with the best service.A quick solution, for a reasonable price!

Custom built PCs for all needs (Office, CAD, Rendering, Gaming)

We have the experience, tools and parts to build a custom PC optimized for your needs.

Quick response time and appointments

The customer is the most important for us, so we always try to answer as quickly as possible. Contact us and you will receive a quick response!

Wi-Fi solutions. Getting Wi-Fi anywhere in your house

Internet access at home has become almost as essential as water and electricity. But getting Wi-Fi into every corner of a building isn’t always easy. If you do have dead zones in your house, give us a call! We can help you to go wirelessanywhere in your house.

HDD disaster recovery. Saving your important files

Have you lost important files? On a harddrive, an external device or a memory card? PC-Fix has the tools to recover data that was thought to be lost.

IT setups. IT planning and implementation

For business to be successful you need not only cost-efficient, but also flexible and innovative IT setup. Let us help you with that!

All brand’s computer/laptop repair

No matter what computer or laptop you have, we can fix it!We do all types of repairing related to laptop and PCof any brand.

Network solutions. Small business network help for your needs

A working networkprovides an essential platform for a functioning company. PCFix can help businesses whether they’re a small, medium or enterprise sized with their structure.

Backup solutions. Keeping your files safe for when disaster strikes

You never realize how important backups are until you need one and you don’t have one. Unfortunately, this is true even today. While consumers are more tech-savvy than ever, many computer users still neglect to create copies of their hard drives to protect their data from potentially permanent loss. Don’t make the same mistake, and save your important files with us!

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